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    Slingpuck Board Hockey

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    Non-stop action. Intensely Fun.

    Sling Puck is a wooden hockey board game that guarantees fast-paced fun for all ages. Perfect for family game night or parties with friends, this game tests your speed and accuracy while providing endless entertainment.



    • Easy to play: The rules of the Sling Puck Game are simple: send all 10 pucks to your opponent's side of the board. It's easy for everyone to play.
    • Fast-paced: With its quick gameplay and competitive nature, this game keeps players on their toes.
    • Durable design: Heavy duty wooden construction ensures that the board can withstand rigorous gameplay.


    Add some excitement to your evenings with the Sling Puck Game - it's a surefire hit with family and friends!



    Slingpuck Board Hockey